123 hp dj4720 mobile printing

  • When you have received your HP Deskjet 4720 printer, follow the below mentioned steps to setup the printer for the first time.
    • Unpack the printer from its packaging.
    • Now, connect the phone cords with the help of the documentation that came up with the printer.
    • Ensure that you have connected the printer to a working electrical wall socket.
    • Switch on your printer by pressing the Start button.
    • Remove the package of the ink cartridges.
    • Now, remove the protective tape of the ink cartridges.
    • Slide the ink cartridges one by one slowly until it locks into its place.
    • The ink cartridges should be installed according to the color displayed in the slot.
    • Place plain white and unused paper in the input tray.
    • How to install software on your computer?

    The printer should be connected to a working Internet connection while installing the driver.

    • Go to the designated printer page on our website and locate the link for your software.
    • Click on the link which contains the latest software and drivers.
    • In the newly opening dialog box, click Save.
    • Once the drivers are downloaded, double click on the icon.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process.
    • Once, you complete the process, then create a new account for yourself online by logging on to www.hpconnected.com.
    • Follow the on-screen prompts so that you are able to print and scan.


    How to connect the HP printer to your smartphone or tablet?

    • On your device, select Network or Wireless menu.
    • Tap on Wireless Setup Wizard.
    • When asked, enter the SSID (network name) and WEP key (password).
    • Your printer will be connected to the wireless network shortly.
    • Now, print a test report to check if everything is fine with the printer.

    Apple device

    Printing with AirPrint is fairly easy. Before using mobile printing, cross-check whether your Apple device and your printer are connected to the same wireless network.

    • Open the photo or the file that you want to print. Now, tap on the Share button.
    • From the list of options available, choose the print icon.
    • Now, your mobile device will list the printers available for printing.
    • Choose the printer according to your need and change the print setting.
    • Tap on Print and enjoy printing.

    Android device

    To get your Android device print-ready, go to the play store and install the HP Print Service Plugin. Install the plugin to print your files. Navigate to print settings in your mobile to enable the plugin. Now, open the plugin and switch it on if it’salready off.

    • Open the file or photo, which you wish to print and select the menu icon on the right-hand corner of the device.
    • Choose Print from the list of options and then select the printer in which you want to print.
    • Change the print settings by clicking on the down-arrow that lies below the option Paper Size.
    • After final lising the printer and its settings, tap on the print to get the print job done.
    Windows device

    For Windows 8

    • Open the files you want to print and look at the options available on the right side of the mobile screen.
    • Click on Devices option to see the list of printers available for printing.
    • If the printer you need is not listed, then you need to perform a one-time Add a printer to install the in-built driver.
    • Confirm the printer you want to select and appropriate print settings. Now,select Print and enjoy printing.

    For Windows 10

    • Select and open the file or photo you would like to print.
    • Now, click on the menu icon that is on the left hand corner of your Windows10 mobile device.
    • From the options displayed on screen, tap on Print.
    • Choose your printer from the list of options available and then change the print settings according to your need.
    • Now, click on Print option to start the print job.