123 HP DJ4720 Windows 10 Update

The documents and images from your Windows 10 Mobile can be taken directly print using HP printer.

  • Conform that the HP Deskjet 4720 printer and your Windows 10 Mobile device are connected to the same wired or wireless network.
  • Go to Wi-Fi settings on your Windows 10 Mobile device then connect it to you wired or wireless network.
  • Open the document or an app like email, which has the file you want to print.
  • Click on the Print icon.
  • After the above step,a print preview screen appears in that you can select your printer and change any print settings,if necessary.
  • After the changes made, click Print.
  • The options like number of copies,color of the print,paper size,paper range and orientation is given.

If your print job is not printed then it has following issues;

  • Poor or no network available
  • Power saving mode is ON
  • Printer is OFF

To cancel a print job:

To cancel or check the status of a print job, follow the steps below,

  • Go to print queue on your Windows 10 mobile by tapping the Print icon
  • Swipe down the display,the current print jobs are displayed.
  • Select the print job that you want to cancel and then tap Cancel 123.hp.com/dj4720.

How to connect HP printer to Windows?

  • Click on the Start button on your desktop screen.
  • On the search menu bar, type ‘Add Printer’.
  • A new dialog box appears and asks which type of printer you want to install.
  • Select Add a network wireless or Bluetooth printer.
  • Select ‘Use an existing port’ and click Next.
  • If you have selected USB connection, then choose Add a local printer.
  • From the list of options available, choose the printer name and then click Next.
  • A new dialog box opens asking you to install the printer driver.
  • Go to the Windows update tab and then tap on HP or Hewlett Packard.

Confirm whether your 123 HP Deskjet 4720 printer is supported on a computer or a tablet with Windows 10 operating system and then go ahead to download the available printer driver and software. You can also head too support.hp.com to check which printers are compatible with Windows 10 operating system.

The HP Printer Install Wizard will automatically find the best printer driver suitable for your printer. This software, which is a free tool is available for Windows 7,8 and 10.

Users have the liberty to download drivers from our website or from the HP website.

  • Switch on your 123 HP Deskjet 4720 software.
  • In case your HP printer is connected to the computer/laptop with a USB cable, disconnect it and connect it wirelessly.
  • Go to 123.hp.com to download the software and drivers required for the computer.
  • When asked, choose a method to identify your printer model and the follow the on-screen instructions to navigate to the download page.
  • Once you find the required driver option, click the download button next to the option or click Basic Drivers for other options.

NOTE: It is always advisable to download the full feature driver.

How to install and use the Windows Built-in print driver?

  • On the search bar, type Windows for change device installation and then choose Change deice installation settings in the list of options displayed.
  • Now, the Device Installation Settings window appears.
  • Choose the Yes option and then click Save Changes.
  • Now, connect your HP printer to the computer/laptop with a USB cable or Ethernet connection or wirelessly.
  • Choose your printer connection type and then make use of the Windows Add a printer wizard to install the built-in print driver.
  • Depending on your printer’s functionality, try to scan and print a document to make sure that your printer is in a working condition.