123 HP OJPRO 6968 Unboxing

Follow the below mentioned steps to get your HP OJ Pro 6968 printer ready.

  • Take out the HP Officejet Pro 6968 printer from the box
  • Unseal all tape and packing materials that are visible outside the printer
  • Pull out the sticker that is covering the control panel and open the scanner lid slowly
  • Bring down the scanner lid once all tape and covers are taken off from the scanner glass
  • Keep your fingers on the sides of the cartridge access door and lift it up in order to remove the tape and packing materials inside the printer; close the access door of the cartridge.
  • Remove all tape and packing materials from the input (by adjusting the paper width guides), output and photo trays by lifting it gently.
  • Move all the pulled out trays back to its place
  • Push the input and output tray to the farther end until it fits into its slot.
  • Pushing the paper tray until it locks into its place
  • Collect all the packing materials and tapes to recycle it

How to connect the power cord and install the ink cartridges on the HP printer when it is installed for the first time?

Procedure to connect the power cord for first-time printer setup:

  • Before you press the Power Button on your printer to turn it on, ensure that one end of the power cord is on the printer’s rear and the other end into an electrical outlet. Connect the power cord
  • Set the language, country/region, month, day & year and the time on the printer’s control panel and click Continue once all the above options are set.
  • Install the genuine HP ink cartridges provided, on its respective slots (left and right) to ensure that the tri-color cartridge is fixed on the left and the black ink cartridge is fixed on the right
  • Ensure that you touch only the black plastic side of the ink cartridge while you handle it.Open the cartridge access door
  • Make sure that you remove only one cartridge at a time at the time of installation and never leave a cartridge idle for more than 30 minutes outside separately. This may damage the ink cartridge and create interruption while printing by displaying error messages.Remove the cartridge from its package
  • Avoid touching the cartridge contacts or the ink nozzles while you remove the tape on the ink cartridge.Remove the tape and avoid touching the cartridge contacts or ink nozzles
  • As specified in step 3, fix the tri-color cartridge on the left slot of the printer and the black cartridge on the right side slot.Insert the new cartridge.
  • The same steps should be followed to install and fix the other ink cartridge in its slot
  • Close the access door of the cartridge before the message pop-ups on your computer to do so, and then return to the printer’s home screen
  • Once you tap the OK option, the printer calibrates and prints an alignment page by adjusting the cartridges
  • If you cannot print the alignment page, check if you have loaded the paper in the printer’s input tray
  • From the printer’s control panel, tap Setup then Touch Printer Maintenance and then Tap Align Printer; retry printing the alignment page by following the instructions prompted on the screen. This will confirm if the ink cartridges are installed properly in the printer.