123 HP Officejet 8040 unboxing setup

Before you can unbox the entire printer package, it’s always safer to check if all the components are included in it. If you can see all the required components then grab the printer device out of the box.

  • Once you take out the 123 HP oj8100 printer from the box, remove all the tape and packing substance off the printer.
  • If you lift the scanner lid you’ll see few more packaging materials surrounding it. Remove them as well.
  • Now close the scanner back to its place.
  • Open the printer and you’ll see an ink cartridge area. Remove the remaining packaging material from there as well.
  • Close the ink cartridge. Ink cartridge area is where you’ll place the color coded ink box in a few minutes.
  • Pull out the paper tray and removing the tapes. Put the paper tray back into the place.

OJ8100 Printer Setup

If you’re a person who prints around 50 pages a month, then you can go for HP officejet 8100. This model is not a duplex machine, i.e. can print only one side of the page. Also the ink replacement cost is high, so it’s desirable to go for instant ink scheme. The ink under this scheme will cost you around 1.99 Euro a month. All you do is order the ink every month and it will be delivered at your door. You can print around 40-45 sheets with one pack of ink. Another concern is the control panel functionality for selecting the number pages.

Installing HP software

  • Download the printer software from 123.hp.com/oj8100
  • Switch ON the HP Officejet 8100 Printer.
  • If your printer is connected to the computer with a USB cable, disconnect the cable from the printer.
  • Go to HP Officejet 8100-Driver and click→Check now. This will identify any out-of-date or missing drivers and software automatically (or) you can Click→Go to download the driver
  • If prompted, select a method to identify your printer model, and then follow the on-screen instructions to go to the download page.
  • Click Download next to the full feature driver (recommended), or Click→Basic Drivers for other driver options.

Confirm whether your 123 HP Officejet 8100 printer is supported on a computer or atablet with Windows 10 operating system and then go ahead to download the available printer driver and software. You can also head too support.hp.com to check which printers are compatible with Windows 10 operating system.

The HP Printer Install Wizard will automatically find the best printer driver suitable for your printer. This software, which is a free tool is available for Windows 7,8 and 10.

Users have the liberty to download drivers from our website or from the HP website.

  • Switch on your 123 HP Officejet8100 software.
  • In case your HP printer is connected to the computer/laptop with a USB cable, disconnect it and connect it wirelessly.
  • Go to 123.hp.com to download the software and drivers required for the computer.
  • When asked, choose a method to identify your printer model and the follow the on-screen instructions to navigate to the download page.
  • Once you find the required driver option, click the download button next tothe option or click Basic Drivers for other options.

NOTE: It is always advisable to download the full feature driver.

How to install and use the Windows Built-in print driver?

  • On the search bar, type Windows for change device installation and then choose Change device installation settings in the list of options displayed.
  • Now, the Device Installation Settings window appears.
  • Choose the Yes option and then click Save Changes.
  • Now, connect your HP printer to the computer/laptop with a USB cable or Ethernet connection or wirelessly.
  • Choose your printer connection type and then make use of the Windows. Add a printer wizard to install the built-in print driver.
  • Depending on your printer’s functionality, try to scan and print a document to make sure that your printer is in a working condition.