Officejet 8100 Wi-Fi Protected setup


  • A wireless 802.11/b/g/n network which includes WPS enabled access pointor router.
  • A computer or laptop with wireless network connection or NIC (networkinterface card).
  • Your computer or laptop should be connected to the wireless network inwhich the printer is connected.


  • Press and hold the Wireless button on the print for a couple of seconds tostart the WPS button. Now, the wireless light starts blinking.
  • Now, press the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) button on your router.
  • The printer will take a couple of minutes to establish the wirelessconnection.


  • On the control panel, press the Wireless button to view the men.
  • If you see the printer in error state, or performing a task , wait until theprinter finishes the task and then press the Wireless button.
  • From the printer’s control panel display screen, choose Settings.
  • Now, touch Wi-Fi Protected Setup from the list of options available.
  • If you have a Push button on the wireless router, then click Push Button andthen follow the instructions.
  • If not, choose PIN and then follow the prompts displayed on-screen.

How to connect a new printer?

  • Perform one of the following based on the operating system you use.
    • Windows 8: Start – – > app bar – – > All Apps – – > Folder with printername.
    • Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP: Start – – > AllPrograms – – > HP – – >Printer folder – – > Printer name.
  • Choose Printer Setup and Software.
  • From the list of options, select Connect a new printer and follow theinstructions displayed on the screen.

How to change network settings?

  • Press the Wireless icon on the printer’s home screen.
  • Select Settings followed by Advanced Settings.
  • Make the changes you want on the Advanced Settings menu.
  • Now, follow the on-screen instructions to change the settings.

How to connect wirelessly to the printer without a router?

  • Switch on the wireless direct from the printer’s control panel.
    • Touch the Wireless Direct icon from the printer’s home screen.
    • If the Wireless Direct setting is Off, choose Settings.
    • Go to Wireless Direct again, select ON (No Security) or ON (WithSecurity).
  • If the Wireless Direct is switched on, then locate the wireless direct andpassword.
    • Click on the wireless direct icon on the printer’s home screen.
    • Select Display Name to display the wireless direct name.
    • Choose Display Password to display the password.
  • Switch on the wireless connection from your computer or mobile device.
  • Search for the printer you want and then connect it to the wireless directname.
  • When asked, enter the Wireless Direct password.
  • Try printing a document or photo from the mobile or computer.