Windows 10 troubleshooting

If you encounter network connection issues, then you will have to check the network configurationor follow the steps to print a wireless test report to diagnose the network connection issues.

How to check network configuration or print wireless test report?

  • Click on the Wireless icon on your HP printer’s home screen.
  • Now, scroll through the options and choose Settings.
  • Use the down arrow to look at the options.
  • From the list of options available, select Display Network Configuration or Print WirelessTest Report.

When your HP printer does not maintain wireless connection,

You must have successfully connected your HP printer to a working wireless network. But, yourprinter continues to lose its connection on your wireless network.

  • Make sure that your HP printer is connected to your wireless network.

If your printer is connected to a network , then the wireless light icon is on and solid (does not blink).If the light doesn’t blink, then go ahead and print a Network Configuration page. In case the wirelesslight doesn’t blink, then disconnect your printer from the network and reconnect to your wirelessnetwork.

  • Compare the IP addresses of the gateway and the printout

On the network configuration page, check your IP address under the Wireless section. It is to benoted that the IP address begins with Now, check the IP address on the Wirelesssection of the printout. They should have a similar pattern.

  • Check if the Network Name (SSID) is properly entered

Under the Wireless section in the printout, check the network name. If it doesn’t show the networkin which you want it connected, then it indicates that the connection has been changed. Disconnectthe network from the existing connection and re-connect it to your wireless network.

  • Look for the problems indicated on the printout

Read the Network Configuration page thoroughly and check if there are errors listed on the secondand third page. Follow the instructions displayed on the print-out and solve the errors. If the issuestill persists, then go to the next step.

  • Update the printer from the control panel (Eligible for ePrint-enabled printers)

Log on to the HP Customer Care Support page. Under the Find my product and get support box,mention your printer’s name or the Model number and click GO. When asked, enter the modelnumber of your printer. Go to the Questions or keywords search box and then type product updates.Press Enter. A document will be displayed on screen. Follow the instructions and update your printerfrom the control panel.